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About Product:

These High Quality Waist Trimmers Help Burn Stomach & Lower Back Fat. Results Best When Exercising (Running, Walking, Strength Training etc). Thick Pocket Holder Material To Securely Store Cellphone, IPod, ID Cards, or Keys While Exercising! This Waister Trimmer Is Breathable, Comfortable, Has Back Support, Thick Stitching, Soft Cloth.




-Neoprene Rubber Inside

Waist Trimmer

  • Refund Policy:

    All items are Final Sale which means all items are Non-Refundable. Non-Refundable means that we, (JCXSHRED LLC) will not issue funds to individuals that have purchased any of our product or services. 


    Exchange Policy:

    All products excluding booking services can be exchanged for the same product 24 hr after delivery if product(s) is damaged or broken.

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